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Development Board and Advisory Group

The Development Board was established in 2015 to support the School's capital fundraising activities. 

Alastair Ames (T 1973)
Katharine Butler (Governor)
Mike Chattey (H 1979)
Ruadhri Duncan (D 1986)
Nigel Hadden-Paton (A 1971)
Harry Jarman (H 2007)
Patrick McGrath (H 1978, Governor)
Charles Vivian (H 1985)
Parent Development Advisory Group

The Parent Development Advisory Group was established in 2017 to enable parents to engage with and lend their support to the development programme.
James Burgess (parent)
Justine Elmendorff (parent)
Helen Franks (parent)
Penny Freer (parent)
Alice Fresson (parent)
Michael Hatchard (former parent)
Amanda Hill (parent)

We are enormously grateful to all of our volunteers who are providing valuable support and expertise to the School for the benefit of our pupils and the future development of Milton Abbey.