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Leaving a Legacy

Gifts to the School in the form of legacies and bequests are a vital source of support.  No matter how small or large, a legacy gift to Milton Abbey is a gift that will endure and is a positive commitment to the future.

As a 'young' school, we have no financial endowment and legacy gifts can help build an endowment to ensure the future security and prosperity of the School.  In addition, such gifts can be used to fund long-term priorities such as the Bursary Programme, which will ensure more boys and girls have the opportunity to benefit from all that a Milton Abbey education can offer.

The 1954 Society has been set up to acknowledge those who have pledged to leave a legacy gift to the School, during their lifetime.

Further information can be found within our Leaving a Legacy brochure which is available to download, along with our Legacy Pledge Card, from the iPoint box on this page