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Ski trip to Alpe D'huez

At the end of the Michaelmas Term, 19 Sixth Form pupils enjoyed a ski trip to the resort of Alpe D'huez.

Setting off from the School in the early hours on December 12th, the group were pleased to find that the resort had received a recent downpour of snow, which, with the help of snow cannons ensured there was plenty of snow to keep the group busy.

The trip gave the pupils the chance to improve their ski techniques when they spent four hours in the mornings and afternoons practising in two sub-groups.  At lunch times and for an hour in the morning, pupils could ski in their own small groups where they could visit the creperie along the way!  Five pupils also went off to explore the mountains in the afternoon with Miss Turbill, where they had the opportunity to practise their jumps and help film the groups ski video (link below).  Evenings were spent taking part in quizzes and highly entertaining kareoke competitions.

A very successful trip which was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole group.  Click HERE to watch a video of highlights from the trip.