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Headmaster’s Lecture – Harry Hook

On Friday evening we were delighted to welcome back Harry Hook who was at Milton Abbey in Hambro House between1972-76. 

Harry is a well-known film director and photographer; Photographing Africa is a feature-length documentary about Harry’s work across the continent and was completed in 2014.
We were treated to an amazing evening of epic stories, unique photographs and mesmerising film clips about Africa’s migration of people from the countryside to the cities, a migration that he told us had happened in his lifetime.   The sheer breadth of material was astonishing, spanning a vast range of places and people.   The warmth of the applause from the audience at the end was testament to how much we all enjoyed Harry’s talk.  
Harry said, “As I gave my talk ‘About Africa’ standing up in front of the whole school, I remembered precisely how it felt being a Milton Abbey pupil - I was suddenly right there in the audience looking back at myself.  My passion for photography really began in the School's photographic dark rooms watching, under a red light, the magic alchemy of an image slowly emerged onto a blank piece of paper in the developing tray.  In my day the Photography Club adjoined what is now the Art Department.  So to be sharing my love of photography in the New Barn Theatre, 40 years on, and only a few yards from where that spark was first lit, was a very emotive experience for me indeed.”