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Milton Abbey named in 'School Report' vocational learning article

Milton Abbey has featured in a recent report on BTECs and vocational learning, by 'School Report' magazine.

The article, written by Paul Kelly, highlights the sometimes overlooked benefits of BTECs and vocational options, "Level 3 BTECs - broadly equivalent to A Levels - are assignment-based courses continually assessed over two years.  The focus is on practical skills with central vocational experiences...BTECs are based on industry requirements with practice gained alongside theoretical understanding."  He adds, "Milton Abbey, one of the leading independent boarding school providers of BTECs, offers nine possible Level 3 BTECs...".

He continues, "...a talented student, whose abilities have not been fully reflected by traditional terminal external assessments, has a clear opportunity to demonstrate their capacity for independent work within the BTEC framework...", however he stresses that BTECs aren't for those wishing to 'avoid traditional exam assessments', but rather because of the learning advantages they bring in allowing pupils to choose a course suited to their career aspirations, as opposed to following a well-worn existing path.  He concludes with, "...the increasing popularity of BTECs is a welcome alternative to the 'rear view mirror' by which, in the words of Mary Curnock Cook, UCAS Cheif Executive, part of society sleepwalks 'through an identikit education experience into an off-the-peg life that mirrors what generations of the affluent classes have aspired to'".

Click HERE to view the article in full.  More information on Milton Abbey's BTEC course offering can be found on our Vocational Subjects page.