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Pupils attend Senior Gifted and Talented Conference

Pupils from Milton Abbey were fortunate enough to attend a Senior Gifted and Talented Conference at Oxford Town Hall earlier this month, where they enjoyed a varied lecture programme from a range of guest speakers.

Leading philosopher, poet, novelist, cultural critic and former clinical neuroscientist Professor Raymond Tallis gave a fascinating lecture on 'The Kingdom of Infinite Space', whilst Dr Mark Lewney, who recently delivered a Headmaster's Lecture at Milton Abbey, treated the packed hall to a lecture on 'The Mind and Music', where he challenged the audience to look at music as more than just sound waves moving through the air.

Pupils were given the opportunity to engage in a debate about the place of music in science, and were also asked to consider their own role as individuals during a lecture entitled, 'The Death of Individuality'.  The conference was thought-provoking and much enjoyed by the pupils, and Mrs Timmis and Mr Morrow would like to thank those involved for their cogent and thoughtful contributions throughout the day.