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Review of Milton Abbey's Edinburgh Fringe performance

A review of Milton Abbey pupils' performance at the recent Edinburgh Fringe Children's Show has been featured in Primary Times magazine.

This year's Fringe Festival saw Milton Abbey pupils touring their children's production of Rudyard Kipling's 'Just So Stories' featuring fantastic accounts first published in 1902 about how various phenomena came to be.

The show's reviewer, Jeni Mackay, praised the way in which the Milton Abbey actors and visual aspects of the staging made sense of the tales for the younger members of the audience.  The props and costumes used were also highlighted as being very effective.  The review concludes with, "Nicely played out and well acted.  We really liked this show because it got my son and I talking about how things came about and looking at things differently and in a fun way.  A bit of a philosophical journey which was quite nice to explore."

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