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Round Square

Founded in 1956, Round Square is a not-for-profit organisation which facilitates a network of 150 member schools in 40 countries.  Round Square’s work is based on protecting our world’s future and supporting its variety of communities and cultures, enabling them to thrive and prospser.

Round Square offers its member schools a respected framework for excellence and continuous improvement, along with opportunities to collaborate and share experiences with like-minded schools across the world.  This framework centres around the Round Square IDEALS - key principals which are integrated into the daily life of all member schools:

I    Internationalism
D  Democracy
E   Environment
A   Adventure
L   Leadership
S   Service

Collaborative initiatives which member schools can participate in include service projects that give pupils the opportunity to work as volunteers on community projects, student and teacher visits and exchanges, student-led conferences, and various professional development opportunities for staff.

Involvement in Round Square helps prepare pupils for adult life, encouraging them to embrace different cultures and form a deep and long-lasting understanding and appreciation.

Round Square at Milton Abbey

Milton Abbey is proud to be a member of Round Square, a worldwide association which offers a unique opportunity to broaden horizons and encourages greater understanding of the wider world.

From overseas exchange trips, to community project work, to themed activities within the School, Round Square adds a rewarding and fulfilling dimension to School life at Milton Abbey, promoting well-rounded characters with enhanced global consciousness.