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The School Day

The School day begins at 0715 for boarders when the whole school attends breakfast in the Abbot’s Hall. 

Day pupils arrive at 0800 for Callover at 0805 in Houses before attending Chapel or a tutorial before the first lesson of the day which begins at 0845.

There are eight lessons before lunch, with a break half way through the morning at 1050.  Pupils all receive a drink and snack in Houses at break time, and Sixth Formers may access the School’s Tuck Shop.  Pupils eat lunch in the Abbot’s Hall between 1250 and 1420 before Callover in Houses again at 1420.

The afternoon routine varies according to the day.  Monday afternoons feature assembly, lessons, and then a slot for sport, Enrichment or Learning Support.  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are dedicated to sport until 1630 followed by Activities.  Wednesday afternoon sees lessons followed by Service Afternoon, and Friday afternoons feature a tutorial slot followed by lessons and then sport.

Both day and boarding pupils are required to take part in the Saturday morning routine.  After breakfast, Callover and an Enrichment session there are six lessons in the morning.  The afternoons are dedicated to sport and match fixtures, before the weekend activity programme begins for boarding pupils.