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University and Careers

Milton Abbey offers a comprehensive Careers and UCAS programme which focuses on individual support and looks to respond to the interests and aptitudes of each pupil.

As a member of the ISCO (the independent schools careers guidance service), we have access to a range of support materials to help our pupils make informed choices about their future.  Alongside various careers and university visits, we run a range of in-house provision, from talks and workshops run by alumni and specialist providers, to individual advice sessions run by our Head of UCAS and Careers.

Our UCAS system runs throughout the Sixth Form, following the same philosophy of individual support and guidance.  Pupils receive specialist advice as they research and finalise their higher education choices; our aim is to ensure that each pupil can leave Milton Abbey heading in the direction that best suits them and that makes the most of their individual talents.

Milton Abbey pupils go on to a variety of different destinations after the Sixth Form.  These include Oxbridge, Russell Group universities, and other higher education institutions across the UK and overseas; apprenticeships and work-based training schemes; the armed forces; and employment within a range of charitable organisations and companies around the world.