Parent Teacher Committee

The Parent Teacher Committee is an advisory panel to the Head and the Senior Management Team (SMT) and is specifically to provide an additional two-way channel of communication between parents and the School.

Parent representatives on the Committee offer the Head and SMT a sounding board for future plans and management concerns. The PTC’s main purpose is to help inform the SMT. It is not a complaints panel or an alternative chain of command. It does not interfere in the important relationship between parents and their child’s HsM. It is not involved with fundraising or organising events.

The Committee was established in June 2011. It is made up of 6 parent representatives, 5 staff and a representative from the Board of Governors. Additional staff are invited according to the agenda. The Chair is selected by the committee from amongst the parent representatives.  Enquiries and feedback are warmly encouraged. Parents are welcome to contact the parent representatives directly using the contact details on the Parent Portal or via the enquiry form below. We also aim to have at least one parent member of the Committee present at Parent/Teacher meetings and Open Days.

The PTC meets once a term, usually just before half term. If the agenda is not published in advance on the Parent Portal, then a copy can be obtained from the Head’s PA. Minutes of the meetings will be published on the Parent Portal following the meeting. The Chairman will write a brief report at the end of each Summer term, summarising PTC business for the year.

Committee members

Chair – Emma Taylor
M6th Form - Alison Haward
L6th Form – Emma Taylor
5th Form – Simon Gardner
4th Form – Sadie Wates
3rd Form – Lesley Paddy
Overseas – Nicola Myatt-Taylor

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