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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department

Milton Abbey's Learning Support Department is an integral part of the School.  We support those pupils who have a specific learning difficulty with one-to-one and group work, as well as offering support to any pupils who need help with general organisational skills, study skills, and exam technique.  All pupils are welcome, whether for regular timetabled lessons or to use the department as a place to complete work in a supportive atmosphere.

We currently have four teachers, including an EAL specialist.  We also have six Teaching Assistants who support pupils in core lessons as well as in the department.  All of our staff are members of a boarding House.  This helps us maintain excellent communication with both subject teachers and House staff. 


The Library

The School Library is open daily and offers quiet space in which pupils can study and read.  The library is staffed by a full-time librarian and part-time assistant who can offer assistance with research, ordering books and finding particular articles.

The library is fully stocked and a selection of journals, magazines and newspapers are also available.  Pupils can use the library's computer and printing facilities as well as taking part in several events and reading challenges which take place throughout the academic year.