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Sport plays an important role in school life at Milton Abbey. All pupils take part in a sport programme that promotes health and wellbeing, competition, challenge, and the myriad of benefits that being part of, and leading, a team offers. 

Sport is timetabled on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons but the vast majority of our pupils play or train every day. Some focus their training on their preferred sports while others enjoy developing new passions and trying additional sports. There is a wide range of activities on offer in the evenings with many pupils choosing sporting or physical activities.

One of the distinctive features of our sports programme is the range of choice we give our pupils. Each term, pupils choose from a range of around ten sports. These include traditional team sports like netball, hockey, rugby, cricket and football but pupils can also choose mountain biking, road cycling, shooting, polo, golf and swimming (to name just a few).

Our pupils put great value on representing the school and playing matches against other schools with their teammates. Fixtures are tailored to ensure they play competitive fixtures, to experience the joy of winning but also the disappointment and learning opportunities that losing provides. 

Pupils are taught by enthusiastic experienced coaches, many of whom have played or coached to professional or regional standard. Our coaches understand that the pastoral role they play in developing young people and fostering self-esteem is just as important as improving playing technique. As well as being great fun, sport is integral in our vision for a holistic education where pupils learn both in and outside of the classroom.