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Learn Differently

At Milton Abbey, we recognise that every child learns differently. Our purposefully small school size, coupled with an extensive range of subjects, puts us in a unique position to recognise and respond to these differences, giving every child the chance to thrive.

We tailor each pupil’s education to make the most of their individual skills and talents in a way which nurtures and cultivates their natural abilities so that they can achieve the best possible results, both inside and outside the classroom.  

Our school promotes individuality and the pursuit of personal strengths and preferences. Care, guidance and carefully targeted learning support is available wherever required, resulting in greater confidence and enhanced self-esteem.

We inspire pride in pupils’ individual work, whether in sport, academia, the creative arts or in our range of outdoor and practical subjects. Milton Abbey offers parallel learning pathways to a common destination, giving pupils the opportunity to study GCSEs and A-Levels, alongside the widest range of vocational subjects in the independent schools sector.

Our small size allows for a great involvement in school life, huge opportunity for pupils to represent the school and to master a chosen subject or activity. Lasting and fulfilling friendships are forged, and everyone has the chance to get to know one another. Class sizes are very small - even by independent schools' standards - so no one is overlooked or left behind.