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Welcome to Milton Abbey School
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Here at Milton Abbey School we offer an outstanding range of traditional and vocational qualifications, chosen to inspire our students and prepare them for adult life. Our focus is not only on what a student needs to learn, but on developing the attitudes and habits for lifelong success. 
We are proud of our track record of enabling young people to gain the self-belief necessary to achieve. Known and appreciated as individuals, they make the most of our glorious countryside setting, build lasting friendships and enjoy a full programme of weekend events.
Our small size, strong pastoral care and great partnership with parents mean that we quickly gain exceptional knowledge of your child. Based on this, we work with each student to set ambitious targets. 
Throughout their time here, our students benefit from the support, inspiration, challenge and encouragement of an extraordinary team of teaching and boarding staff, dedicated to enabling each pupil to achieve ‘personal bests’, in and beyond the classroom. 

We have a vision for our students to be:
  • Interesting and interested adults
  • Ambitious and self-aware: knowing who they are, what drives them, what matters to them and what they want to achieve
  • Aware of the need for effort, commitment and work to achieve their goal
  • Balanced people with a range of interests, skills and developed talents: equipped to live a fulfilling life
  • Ready and able to serve and work with others: to make a positive difference
  • Able to understand and use their strengths to combat any challenges
  • Self-starting, resilient, and adaptable to the demands of a changing world
  • Irresistibly employable 
In short, we will work to enable your child to become someone everyone would want on their team. Please do come to visit our school, our abbey and our farm to see what makes us a genuinely different and exciting choice.
Please enjoy this video to find out more about what makes Milton Abbey different:

Milton Abbey’s spectacular setting, innovative mix of qualifications and countryside expertise gives students, some of whom may not have thrived elsewhere, a host of opportunities to shine – both inside and outside the classroom.