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Aims of the School

A Milton Abbey education aims:

1.  To provide a carefully structured and uniquely broad curriculum, which enables pupils to achieve their personal academic potential, and to develop skills appropriate to the world of work and life in the twenty-first century; 

2.  To place the individual at the centre of the School experience; and, through our small size, to promote confidence and self-esteem in all our pupils;

3.  To cultivate a happy, caring and supportive environment across the School, inculcating the values of compassion, tolerance and respect, so that each and every pupil feels valued and supported;

4.  To encourage pupils to lead a fulfilling and rewarding School life at Milton Abbey by participating in the wide range of sporting and cultural activities on offer;

5.  To embed the Round Square IDEALS and philosophy into every aspect of School life.  Pupils are encouraged to acquire a meaningful and lasting understanding of different cultures and nationalities, to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of the natural environment, to learn about and participate in the democratic process, and to put the needs of others before their own.