Contacts for Parents

Contacts for Parents

Here are some useful contact details for parents. For most enquiries, please contact a staff member in your child's House in the first instance.

If you wish to speak to someone not listed, or know the role of the person you would like to spreak to but not their name, please call our Reception and ask to be connected. For example, you could ask to speak to your child's named personal tutor or you could ask to speak to the Head of Science.


Telephone: 01258 880484 Email:

Senior Leadership Team

Headmaster: James Watson
Telephone: 01258 881803 | Email:

Senior Deputy Head: Chris Barnes
Telephone: 01258 881807 | Email:

Director of Finance: Steve Lane
Telephone: 01258 881809Email:

Head of Operations: Tracey Edwards

Deputy Head (Development & Admissions): Claudia Hindle
Telephone: 01258 882373 | Email:

Deputy Head (Co-Curricular): Will Fraser
Telephone: 01258 881865Email:

Deputy Head (Pastoral): Zoe Livingstone
Telephone: 01258 882201 | Email:

Deputy Head (Academic): Dr Josh Bradbury

Director of Studies: Nick Anderson

Head of Personal Development & Community Engagement: Sarah Badley



Housemaster: Nigel Le Gassick
Telephone: 01258 882251 | Email: 

Resident Assistant Housemaster: Piers Webb
Telephone: 01258 882253 | Email: 

Resident Tutor: Matthew Strong
Telephone: 01258 882255 | Email:

Matron: Hattie Higgins
Telephone: 01258 882254 | Email:


Housemaster: Adam Treadaway
Telephone: 01258 882261 | Email:

Resident Assistant Housemistress: Matilda Cooper
Telephone: 01258 882263 | Email:

Resident Tutor: Emmanuelle Pull
Telephone: TBC Email:

Matron: Andrea Phillips
Telephone: 01258 882264 | Email:


Housemaster: Wale Olufunwa
Telephone: 01258 882271 | Email:

Resident Assistant Housemaster: Hugo Denness
Telephone: 01258 882273 | Email:

Resident Tutor: Harry Mitchell
Telephone: 01258 882275 | Email:

Matron: Steph Sykes
Telephone: 01258 882274 | Email:

Hodgkinson (known as Hughies)

Housemaster: Giles Vigar
Telephone: 01258 882286 | Email:

Resident Assistant Housemistress: Helen Crow
Telephone: 01258 882285 | Email:

Resident Tutor: Vicki Richardson

Matron: Sharon Curl
Telephone: 01258 882284 | Email:


Housemaster: Sam Drewitt
Telephone: 01258 882291 | Email:

Resident Assistant Housemaster: Robin Hanney
Telephone: 01258 882293 | Email:

Resident Tutor: Charlie Buckingham
Telephone: 01258 882295 | Email:

Matron: Lucy Parker
Telephone: 01258 882294 | Email:

Health Centre

Senior Nurse Manager: Ashley Garrett
Telephone: 01258 881868Email: