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The School Day

Our School Day is shaped to provide a varied and balanced mix of lessons, sport, extra-curricular activities and student-led study. We review it regularly to incorporate the best practice in child development and learning.

One recent change is bringing forward the Personal Study Period - commonly known as 'prep time' for completing out-of-class assignments - to before Supper at 5:15pm. Research shows young people are more attuned for learning at this time of the day, plus it means more subject teachers are available to assist with 'prep work' and that the evenings can be kept free for a broad programme of extra-curricular activities.

Another important factor in how we design the school timetable is to ensure that Day Pupils feel as involved in the life of the school as their friends who board. This means they share the same Houses, are able to attend for Breakfast or Supper if they wish, and that they are on the school grounds for the Personal Study Periods in the early-evening and for all our timetabled sport.

Overview of the day

The school day begins at 7:25am for boarders, when they attend breakfast in the Abbot’s Hall. Day Pupils arrive at 8:15am for Callover in Houses, then everyone attends Chapel, School Assembly or Tutorials before the first lesson of the day at 9am.

There are four one-hour lessons before lunch, with a break half way through the morning at 11am. Pupils all receive a drink and snack in Houses at break time, and Sixth Formers may also use the School’s Coffee Shop. Lunch is eaten in the Abbot’s Hall from 12:45pm, before Callover in Houses at 2:10pm.

The afternoon routine varies according to the day. Monday and Friday afternoons focus on tutorials and lessons. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are dedicated to sport, with our Round Square Wednesday afternoons offering opportunities in the Combined Cadet Force, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme or our local Volunteering & Community Service Programme.

Both day and boarding pupils take part in the full Saturday timetable. After Breakfast and Callover, there are three one-hour lessons. The afternoons are then dedicated to sports training or match fixtures, before the weekend recreational programme begins for boarding pupils from 4pm.

You can view the full timetable of the School Day in the Downloads box.