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Finding the right course for you

Many students join Milton Abbey's Sixth Form because they know they want to study a particular course. Some have heard that we have a wide range of options, but aren't quite sure what's right for them.

If you're not sure what to study yet, don't worry! We can help you find the right Sixth Form programme by discussing what you want to achieve, not just right after Sixth Form but into adulthood. We can also help if you want to study a broad set of subjects that will keep your options open for the future.

At this stage of your life and learning, the three most important things are to:
Choose subjects that you enjoy
Choose subjects in which you have the greatest ability
Choose subjects that support one another

Many people, often including parents, will be more familiar with A-Levels, so may be concerned that BTECs could limit your options or stop you going to university. This couldn't be further from the truth. If you have a clear idea of the future career you would like - whether or not you intend to go to university first - BTECs can often provide a more focused way to achieve this. For university applications, BTECs and A-Levels contribute equivalent points.

Recognising that both types of course can be used for university applications, the main differences to consider are:
A-Levels BTECs
Academic focus Vocational focus
Broad approach to theory Focused theory/academic modules
Develops broader subject knowledge and analytical skills Develops focused subject knowledge and practical skills
Assessment is largely by written exam at the end of two years Some BTEC courses have written exams to assess subject knowledge
Coursework is worth, on average, only 20% of your final grade Assessment is based on coursework and projects over two years
Usually leads to wider future employment options Usually leads to better employment options within a chosen field
Often leads to more traditional subjects at university Often leads to vocational and industry-specific courses at university
Still the most widely-recognised Level 3 qualification Now very well recognised by both universities and employers
At Milton Abbey, we have roughly the same number of students studying purely A-Level, purely BTEC or mixed programmes that include subjects from both types of qualification. The important thing is that we have helped them choose subjects that they can succeed in and that will help them meet their plans for the future.

Please browse our A-Level and BTEC courses on this site and get in touch if you have other questions or would like to discuss your personal needs.