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School Inspection Reports

The ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) is the Government-approved body responsible for the inspection of independent schools. This page shares our most recent combined educational quality and compliance inspection report, following an inspection visit in March 2023, plus a short progress monitoring inspection report from a follow-up visit in September 2023.

Educational Quality Inspection

We are absolutely delighted that the school received the highest possible grading of 'Excellent', in both Educational Quality categories: 'the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements' and 'the quality of pupils’ personal development'.  

The Reporting Inspector described the students she met as ‘absolute stars’. It was lovely to hear about their courtesy, engagement and enthusiasm in showing their school and their work to inspectors during the visit. 

The Key Findings of the report were:

  • The quality of the pupils' academic and other achievements is excellent.
    • Pupils, including those with SEND, make excellent academic progress from their initial starting points.
    • Pupils demonstrate excellent oral communication skills; they are highly articulate and express themselves eloquently.
    • Pupils learn to be highly independent in their approach to work and understand the need to take responsibility for their own learning.
    • Pupils' information and communication technology (ICT) skills are excellent and often exceptional; their use of ICT is seamless and integral to their learning.
  • The quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent.
    • Pupils have excellent self-understanding and a well-developed sense of self-worth.
    • Pupils demonstrate a strong sense of right and wrong and speak up when they see injustice.
    • Pupils take responsibility for their own behaviour and are quick to challenge their peers if they show any intolerance of others.
    • Pupils are excellent collaborators and effectively work together to achieve common goals.
    • Pupils demonstrate notable appreciation and respect for people from different religious and cultural backgrounds.

Compliance Inspection and Progress Monitoring Inspection

The March 2023 inspection also looked at all areas of our statutory compliance and, although in every other area we were found to be compliant, we had one issue (recorded as three action points, but relating to one individual). The inspectors found that our Independent Listener was not well enough known to students, though they had contact details, which are promoted in assemblies and on posters in houses. This individual had also been inadvertently omitted, as a result of clerical error, from safeguarding update training since the Covid pandemic.

We undertook an immediate review of our training processes, to ensure that no individual can be missed from the annual update training in future, and made changes to the way we promote the role of the Independent Listener. This action plan was agreed with the ISI and, in Septemeber 2023, they made an unannouced reinspection of these areas, which confirmed that the school now fully meets all the required compliance standards.


There are many fantastic comments in the report, illustrating the success of the students and the school, some of which you will find below. Our thanks go to the staff, Governors and, above all, the students, for the hard work that is documented in this report, and for the contribution made by parents in responding to inspection questionnaires.

Comments on Academic and other Achievements:

"Through its ‘learn differently’ strategy, the school identifies and builds upon individual pupils’ aptitudes in an exciting and creative manner. Pupils feel empowered to achieve, thus fulfilling the school’s ambitious aims."

"The school’s approach of ensuring that every pupil follows a bespoke curriculum suitable for their needs, clearly supports pupils to achieve results well above those expected for their abilities."

"Pupils demonstrate overwhelmingly positive attitudes towards their learning. As pupils progress through the school, they become independent thinkers and develop inquiring minds."

"Pupils possess a wide range of study skills which they apply successfully across a range of subjects."

"Pupils’ numeracy skills are well-developed for their abilities. Pupils of all ages are highly competent in their use of numeracy across the curriculum."

"Pupils, including those with EAL [English as an Additional Language], are extremely articulate and display highly developed oral communication skills. Pupils of all ages develop excellent listening skills and this is a real strength."

"Pupils are natural collaborators and grasp every opportunity to work with their peers. They rise to the challenges presented to them and are not afraid to ask pertinent questions when seeking a solution for themselves."

"Pupils are highly successful in sport, with the most talented representing their county in, for example, hockey and rugby, competing nationally in equestrian sports, and playing at a semi-professional level, for example, in football."
Comments on Personal Development:

"Pupils build upon the beneficial relationship between the support provided by teachers and their own work ethic when completing tasks independently. This is due in part to the innovative, personalised and highly-structured ‘capability’ programme which focuses on study skill development."

"Pupils appreciate the nurturing family atmosphere of the school and the close-knit nature of the boarding houses which give them a feeling of belonging and peace."

"Pupils feel safe in school and show a healthy understanding of how to stay safe online. They spoke of the many avenues available to them should they wish to speak with someone if they have a worry or concern."

"The family approach to community supports a seamless integration of different cultures and pupils of different nationalities. This helps pupils to develop a visible, healthy respect for each other in terms of cultural understanding. Pupils embrace diversity."

"Pupils of all ages collaborate extremely well in the boarding houses, activities and lessons. Older pupils act as buddies enabling younger pupils to settle quickly when they join the school. Pupils embrace teamwork and understand the power of working as one to achieve a common goal."

"Friendships are strong and pupils support one another regardless of age and gender."

"Pupils show a high level of respect for the happy and welcoming school community."

You can also read the inspection report in full, either via the PDF document in the Downloads box or on the ISI website here: